Monday, April 18, 2005

Like Father Like Son Posted by Hello

Throwing Dirt Posted by Hello

Raking the Sidewalk

Andy loves when we vacuum the floor. In fact, every time he finds a long object, he puts it on the floor and pretends he is vacuuming. We bought him a plastic rake, shovel, and hoe on Friday and he loves playing with them. He pretends that he is vacuuming with them, though, and it is so funny.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


To the tune of the flinstones:

kristi, where is kristi
she has not blogged 'bout her family

kristi, where is kristi
and where is phillip, gus and big fat-ty

I hope everyone is doing good
and you, aren't hanging at the hood.

kristi, where is kristi
dont have sex and do some druggies
cause you'll have to wear huggies
and have a grand ol' time!!

Written and produced by the talented April Crockett.


X-WING - Jason's New Dream Vehicle Posted by Hello

Jason is going to build this full-scale this summer and pretend he is a rebel in Star Wars. He will then go after all the old ladies that cant drive.

Jason's New Mission - Kill Old Ladies

OLD LADY KILLER Posted by Hello

Jason's new mission in life is to hunt down every old lady who is unable to drive properly and kill her with his tie fighter. This vehicle is equipped with a death ray, so watch out if coming your way.


Hybrid Electric Vehicle - The car Jason should get! Posted by Hello

DIDIK LONG RANGER (tm) The Didik Long Ranger is a hybrid gasoline/electric powered vehicle based on the former CitiCar/Commutacar of the 1970's updated and capable of carrying 3 adults at speeds of up to 53 miles per hour. The vehicle also incorporates solar panels to assist in charging and maintaining the special batteries as well as increasing the effective range.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Yesterday I was talking to Jeanne about how I will be nervous when Andy goes through puberty. I always grew up really nervous and embarassed about puberty and sex, and I dont want Andy to. My parents gave me no advice or distorted advice about sex. My mom even told me that oral sex was only what gay people do. I thought masterbation was really dirty. I even was not sure, at one point, where the penis was supposed to go and what you did after that!

Anyway, Jeanne being the "reference librarian" that she is, came down this morning with 4 books and three videos on growing up, puberty, and teenage bodies. She just wanted to show me how much literature is really out there. I looked through a few of them and was shocked to find that a lot of girls and boys start the first stages of puberty when they are 8 years old!!! There was one book that I thought was the best (most fun but informative) called "the teenage guy's survival guide - the real deal on girls, growing up, and other guy stuff". It talks about surviving love & sex, all the changes in your body, teenage ups and downs, and teenage social life. But most of all the reason I thought it was best is because it tells you EVERYTHING that is NORMAL and to not be ashamed or nervous or embarassed!

One thing that confuses me, though, is that these books are in the YA section in the library and are most of them have the word "teenager or teenage" in them, but according to some of the information in them, they are really for ages 8 to 17. I guess everyone thinks the illustrations in the books are too graphic for kids. But they have the parts!

Anyway, what is funny is:
1) Andy is only one and a half years old and so even if he is curious by age 7, I have about six years to not worry over it too much. And
2) Jason came in here and looked at all the material on my desk and gave me a really funny look. He said "dont you already know all that by now?". I just laughed and didn't explain. Admittingly, though, since I am not and never was male, I did not know ALL the changes through puberty in a male.

ps. I love to say the word penis. it still makes me laugh like I am in elementary or middle school. =)

Monday, April 04, 2005

Crazy Weekend

My birthday was Sat., April 2nd and I really had an excellent day! Jason surprised me twice this past weekend. Friday night, he arranged a "girls night out" and we all went to Logans to eat and then to Megan's apt. to play Balderdash. Balderdash is probably my favorite game ever. You have to be full of crap to play well, so I think its great. I learned what a "noop", "shittah", and "octoroon" was. Actually, Balderdash has definitions for words, but I dont think some of them are real. For instance, Balderdash said that "noop" is the pointy part of your elbow (like your funny bone). However, I looked up noop today on dictionary.com and it said something like a stupid person or when your not getting anywhere. I also founda website squackle.com that said that noop is when you poop and then you cant find it when your done. UrbanDictionary.com said it is the slang word for the huge stash of porn every man has on his computer

Shittah, according to Balderdash, is a knarled pointy tree. According to dictionary.com it said "A tree, probably a species of acacia, that was a source of a wood mentioned frequently in the Bible". So that sounds right. UrbanDictionary.com said that it is just a variation of "shit".

Octoroon, according to Balderdash, is a person that has one black grandparent and seven white grandparents. Dictionary.com said "A person whose ancestry is one-eighth Black." So that is right too. UrbanDictionary.com said "Human being of 1/8 african-american origin." So, all my sources were the same for this one.

Anyway, it was fun to use these new words and all of us decided it would be fun to use them at work occationally and noone would know what we are talking about. "Oh no! Megan skinned her noop on the shittah!"

Saturday, Jason surprised me by throwing me a party in the Children's workroom! He hung streamers and balloons and when I got there, I was so shocked and Andy's eyes lit up and he said "BALL!" We had cake and pizza. When Jason got off work, Kristi and Phillip were at the house and we all hung out Sat. night. Jason's aunt watched Andy for us. We got a little wild and it was all fun - at least I didn't skin my noop.

So now I am 26. My mom asked me Sat. morning how old I was going to be and I drew a complete blank for some reason. I answered "25 or 26. I dont know, how old are you?" because mom is exactly 30 yrs. older than me.

This morning was hard to get up with the time change and all. And I am afraid that the antibiotics did not make Andy's ear infection go away completely. I asked the daycare to watch him and if he touches his ears to call me (or if he is extra cranky). He is cutting another tooth and it was hurting him really bad yesterday.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Llamas are cool! You can take a whole lot of advice from a llama - including their hairdo! This one is nice!

What a Star! You will feel like a star when you scult this beautifully rose colored hairdo! Note: use curlers for the very ends to make that special curl!

Feeling Excited? Who wouldn't with this hair-do! I did not want to leave out the groom's hairdo! Phillip, I hope this takes a weight off of your many items on your to-do list. You finally found the perfect romantic hairdo. Yeah!

This lovely bride above has opted for a pretty violet/goth look for her wonderfly beautiful wedding. Note the dark lipstick...it is a must with this do.

Kristi (on her blog) as found a wonderful picture of the perfect hairdo for her bridesmaids. Since a huge weight is taken from me in deciding how I should wear my hair at her wedding, I decided I should help her find the perfect hairdo. I have found several very inspiring pictures. This is the first one. I call it "Creative Class". All you do is find different colored pieces of string and wrap it around strands of your hair. Take ONE full bottle of gel and sculp! Easy as Pie!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Sweet Face

Don't be fooled. He looks so cute. He talks so cute. He walks so cute. But his fits...are not cute! After work yesterday, I went to pick up Andy at daycare and he was fine. We went to walmart to do some grocery shopping because we had nothing to eat in the house except for the few canned items that NEVER look good (like lima beans). Andy is fine until we get in the very long checkout line. The woman in front of me had a TON of groceries. Andy started wining when she started putting her groceries on the black belt. I hugged him and he got mad, took his passifier out of his mouth and threw it at the woman standing behind us. I said I was sorry and she picked it up and gave it to me. I then put it in my purse and Andy threw the biggest fit ever. He started screaming at the top of his lungs and banging his head forward on the buggy bar. He wiggled and screamed uncontrollably. The woman in front of me is 1/2 way checked out at this point. I pick up Andy trying to calm him down and he quits wriggling and banging, but not crying and screaming. The woman in front of me gives me a dirty look, as well as the checkout lady. Like it is my fault that my child decided to have a fit.

Finally, all the groceries of the woman in front of me have been scanned and the walmart lady announces the price. The woman in front of me then decides that she cannot or will not pay that much and starts giving items back to the cachier to take back. I felt like screaming at this point along with andy because they did not have enough lanes open. Finally the woman in front of me takes her buggy and leaves. She also left her original buggy right there in front of where I am going to have to pay and I am trying to get her old buggy out of the way to put my buggy there while I have Andy screaming in my ear.

The cashier asks me "Is he hurt?" and I said, "No, he is just very dramatic" and I noticed she is going FASTER than any other cashier I have ever had at walmart. She wanted me and Andy out of there! She put a 2 liter pop in with my light bulbs...which pissed me off when I got home and realized this.

I am never going to the grocery store again. Well, if I do have to go to the grocery store, I am not going after work and without Jason. It was too stressful.

I am getting a PLAQUE!

The computer science department at TTU contacted me about three weeks ago and said that they are having a reception for me on April 21st to congradulate me on being the first person to graduate with a Masters degree from the CSC department! So, I emailed them and asked them what I should expect (I mean do I have to talk in front of people).

Yesterday, I checked my email and the CSC secretary wrote me yesterday morning asking me for information such as, what name should they put on the plaque and who should they invite to the event, and where is my hometown and who are my parents. She also asked me "Besides cookeville herald citizen and your hometown paper, what other newspapers should we send the news release to?"

I am getting a Plaque? Oh, and guess what, I have to make a speech. ~~~~very nervous. Apparently, they are having a smaller reception for me with just the CSC department faculty and graduate students at 5:00PM and then at about 5:30 or 6 there is a College of Arts & Sciences Honors Ceremony where I will be awarded a plaque and expected to speak to everyone.

=) Very cool, but I am nervous about the speech thing.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


I wish everyone that reads my blog a very Happy Easter! I am going to KNoxville tomorrow to hang with my family. Andy and me are going to come back on Saturday and spend Easter here in Cookeville. A holiday with just us three...this is different! We almost always travel on holidays so maybe this will be a nice change.

I even bought little easter basket stuff for Andy. So exciting!

My Poor Andy...part 2

I took my little Andy to the doctor yesterday afternoon and found out that he has an EAR INFECTION in BOTH ears! On one hand, I feel bad that he has been in pain, but on the other hand, I am really glad that his staying up at night might be due to the physical pain instead of emotional problems. But, I think the stress of such a big life change is hard on him, too.

I think he was glad to see me early yesterday and I paid a whole lot of extra attention to him last night. He got up about 3 times in the night (less than the night before) but I doubt that the antibiotics are working yet. He cried again when we stopped at the daycare to get out. And cried until I left. Poor little guy.

Everyone says it will get better and that he WILL get used to it. We shall see!

Crystal Needs More Furniture

OK, so Crystal decides that she needs to furnish her new house, but dont know where to get the money for the furniture. So, she goes to the local junk yard and picks some up. "Here is a nice headboard for Danielle's bed" she says while over excited about the top choice at the dump.

Crystal's New Immaculate Pad!

Crystal Moved in a new house this week...with a giant deep pool and huge bedrooms. It is a beautiful house and about twice the size of their old house. It has about an acre of land, too! Only problem is that they dont really have barely any furniture to put in the house. What will they do?